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History is being preserved and made at
Travel Town every day.
Your company can be a part of this history!
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Since 1952:
Travel Town has been welcoming friends and families for nearly 50 years. The Museum displays one of the largest collections of steam locomotives west of the Mississippi, and hosts 400,000 visitors annually.
The Travel Town Museum Foundation works hand in hand with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to develop Travel Town’s potential as both a wonderful family attraction and a great historical railroad facility. We invite your company to be part of the partnership!

Travel Town Today:
Exciting activities and educational opportunities your company can support:
- Guided tours through historic railroad cars.
- Readings in Holden’s Corner to pre-K.
- Restoration projects.
- “Thomas the Tank Engine” play days.
- Miniature train ride around the Park.

Improvements on the horizon:
Travel Town is looking toward a bright future for the 21st Century. Improvements on the horizon include more guided tours of the facility, a new Gift Shop, and a restored M.177!

As a special “Thank You” for your sponsorship at the Travel Town Museum, we are pleased to offer the following Sponsorship levels....

Restoration takes lots of money! This donation will guarantee your listing on a plaque inside, near or on the current restoration project of your choice.

Depot Day is a special educational outreach event and fair at the museum. Sponsorship of this event will allow us to promote transportation safety and railroad history. Your name featured prominently at the event and in our newsletter.

Funds given at this level will go specifically towards the support of our Educational Outreach projects like tours, Holden’s Corner and Thomas the Tank Engine Play Days. Acknowledgement in our newsletter and on an annual plaque at the Museum recognizing your donation.

Funds will be used where best needed by the Foundation. Acknowledged in our newsletter and annual plaque recognition.

You name the amount! Your company will be recognized in our newsletter with distribution to over 400 families in the greater Los Angeles area.

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