Have you seen this furniture? - Help us find it!

Travel Town is looking for this very unique furniture that was once inside our historic railroad car – “The Little Nugget”.  This famous car has been on exhibit in Griffith Park since 1956 – but during the 1970s and 80s many of the chairs, tables and other items were removed from the car and lost. 

Can you help us return these artifacts  to the exhibit?

Love Seats - 2 are missing!
Inside "The Little Nugget" at Travel Town - 1970
Arm Chairs - 11 are missing!
Small Tables - 3 are missing!
Side Chairs - 4 are missing!
Distinctive 'Heart & Ribbon' motif on "The Little Nugget" missing furniture - have you seen it anywhere?

Rewards are offered for the return of these wonderful pieces!

Call or email the Foundation with any information.  323-668-0104

Sofas - 2 are missing!

   All the piece were custom-made in 1937  just for “The Little Nugget”.    They are very heavy and feature the distinctive roses, hearts & ribbon carvings shown above.

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