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The Travel Town Museum is a great venue for both BSA Scout Eagle Projects and Girl Scout Gold Award Projects. Through these community-service projects, individual Boy and Girl Scouts are able to demonstrate their leadership abilities while doing a "good turn" for the Museum and its visitors. The projects fulfill an important achievement required for the scout to advance and attain either the rank of Eagle within the BSA Scout or the Gold Award within the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. These prestigious awards represent the highest honors of achievement in the scouting programs.

Each leadership project requires that the scout plan, organize, fundraise and execute a community service project. These projects are wonderful win-win situations for both the scouts and the Museum - providing great impetus for progress in the Museum's historic preservation and education efforts! Below is a list of the recent Scout Leadership Projects at Travel Town.

Jeremy Pederson – 2017

Western LosAngeles Area Council – Troop 84

Access Stairs Built for the 4439 Engine


Shri Saravana – 2017

Verdugo Hills Council Troop 210

Electrical and Water Demarcation Stenciling Project


Alexander Kang – 2016

Greater Los Angeles Area Council Troop

Santa Fe Searchlight Refurbishment


Will Cosso – 2016

San Gabriel Valley Council – Troop 111

Heisler Locomotive Restoration Project


Joon Kim – 2016

Greater Los Angeles Area Council  - Troop 777

Santa Fe 3-Light Signal Restoration


Nathan Scott – 2016

Western Los Angeles Council – Troop 25

Replacement of Pilot Beam on Shay Locomotive


Joseph An – 2015

Greater Los Angeles Area Council  - Troop 777

Santa Fe Signal Light Restoration


Logan Ecsedy - 2015

Point Hueneme  - Troop 234

Replacing Railroad ties and Trackwork


Alex Schaefer - 2015

Los Angeles Council - Troop 333

Locomotive 4439 Repainting, Restoration and Headlight Refurbishment Project


Liam Cook – 2015

Alta Loma, - Troop 655

Restoration of Southern Pacific Phone Booth


Michael Sosa-Siens – 2014

Burbank  -  Troop 210

Restoring and installing a flasher signal at the Service Yard


Joshua Gomez - 2014

Los Angeles - Troop 121

Replacing, remounting and painting Pilot Beam

on Los Angeles Harbor Department Steam Engine #31


Attilla Ecsedy – 2014

Point Hueneme  - Troop 234

Replacing 10 ties on the Lead Track


Zachary Fuhrman, Eagle Scout - 2013

Burbank, BSA Troop 210

Refurbishing and Painting of Building "A"


Tim Gneier, Eagle Scout - 2013

Burbank, BSA Troop 210

Replacement of Grade Crossing to Picnic Areas


Brandon Meyers, Eagle Scout - 2013

BSA Troop 54

Repaint and Display a Diesel Locomotive Axle and Traction Motor 


Alec LeDoux, Eagle Scount - 2012

Burbank, BSA Troop 210

Replace Railroad Ties on the Display Track


Omid Tavikoli, Eagle Scout  - 2011

Burbank, BSA Troop 210

Renovation and Restoration of Switch Stand and Ties on Track 8W


Katy Gneier, Gold Award - 2011

Glendale, Girl Scout Troop 7351

Restoration of the Rio Vista Waiting Station


Denny Kim - Eagle Scout - 2011

Los Angeles, Troop 621

Restoration of 2 Track Equipment Carts


Thomas Cisneros - Eagle Scout - 2011

San Gabriel Valley - Troop 351

Replacement of Ties under Crossover on Tracks 5-6


Evan Moffit, Eagle Scout - 2010

Los Angeles, BSA Troop 10

Rehabilitation of American Crane Boom


Ryan Heaney, Eagle Scout - 2010

Los Angeles, BSA Troop 621

Restoration and Installation of T-2 Semaphore Signal


Peter Sailer Eagle Scout - 2010

Cahuenga, BSA Troop 84

Installation of 110v Outdoor Outlets

on the Locomotive Pavillion


Markos Generales, Eagle Scout - 2009

Los Angeles, BSA Troop 84

Rehabilitation of Shay Steam Locomotive


Adam Goldman, Eagle Scout - 2008

Burbank, BSA Troop 209

Turnout & Track Rehabilitation


Zach Totten, Eagle Scout - 2008

Port Hueneme, BSA Troop 234

Restoration of U.S. Navy Flat Car


Gregory Ramsey, Eagle Scout - 2007

Port Hueneme, BSA Troop 234

Track 8-West Tie Replacement


Nick Perino, Eagle Scout - 2007

Los Angeles, BSA Troop 84

Construction of Track-side Retaining Wall


Scott Hanson, Eagle Scout - 2006

Burbank, BSA Troop 210

Restoration of Railway Express Agency Baggage Wagon


Crista Mills, Gold Award - 2006

Burbank, Girl Scout Troop 1290

Creation of Dining Car China Garden


Owen Connolly, Eagle Scout - 2006

La Canada, BSA Troop 501

Creation of Railroad Track Panel Display



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