Hawaiian Caboose

Oahu Railway & Land Company

Narrow-Gauge Caboose

Built by:

O. R. & L. Shops – about 1900

Track Gauge:

36 Inches

Donated by:

Oahu Railway & Land Co. – 1953


Oahu Railway Caboose being unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles in 1953.

The 3 narrow-guage railroad cars you see here on Track 8 are over 100-years-old and were built by the shops of the Oahu Railway & Land Co. in the Territory of Hawaii.  The O.R. & L. was a narrow-gauge railroad that operated lines around the island of Oahu from 1889 to 1971.  The railroad’s principal destinations were Pearl City and the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor.  The O.R. & L. carried local residents, tourists, and thousands of military personnel during the World War II era.  In its first years of operation, the railroad purchased a few passenger cars from the Carter Brothers manufacturing firm in Newark, California.  However, the railroad owner soon realized it would be more efficient to simply hire his own craftsmen and build cars themselves, rather than bring them in by ship from the mainland.  O.R. & L. shop forces copied the Carter Brothers passenger cars as well as developing their own designs as needed.  The three cars on display at Travel Town are products of the O.R. & L. craftsmen.

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More Interesting Information:

1957 postcard of the "Hawaiian Train" at Travel Town.

The “famous Hawaiian Train” – including the three cars you see here today, along with O. R. & L. steam engine No. 85 – ran through Griffith Park from 1955 to 1961.  Scroll down to see a few great photos of train, as well as the link to an old television program called Casey Jones that used the train as one of its filming locations in 1957.

In Hawaii before making the ocean voyage to Los Angeles - Here's O. R. & L. R.R. engine No. 85 and the three cars now on display at Travel Town.