Narrow-Gauge Box Car

Southern Pacific Lines

Narrow-Gauge Box Car

Built by:

Unknown – circa 1890

Track Gauge:


Donated by:

Southern Pacific Company – 1960


Boxcar No. 1 at Owenyo, California in 1954. Chard Walker photo courtesy

Old wooden Boxcar No. 1 was part of the Southern Pacific’s narrow-gauge system in the Owens Valley region of eastern California.  Probably built around 1890 for the Carson & Colorado Railroad, it had a load capacity of 10 tons of cargo.   Boxcars were the mainstay of freight-carrying railroads – they could be used to carry almost shipment: furniture, sacks of cement, boxes of hardware, or cans of vegetables.  

Freight shipments from points on Southern Pacific's narrow-gauge lines through the Owens Valley had to be transferred into standard-gauge cars at Keeler station before continuing to their final destination. Photo courtesy

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Mina, Nevada, was a busy place on the Southern Pacific in 1935, when "narrow-gauge" and "standard-gauge" lines came together there. Note the 3-rail tracks that could accommodate trains of either gauge. Photo courtesy

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