American Crane

United States Navy

50-Ton Locomotive Crane

Built by:

American Hoist & Derrick Co. – 1943

Motive Power:

6-71 Diesel – direct-drive to wheels


225,560 Pounds

Donated by:

Boeing Corporation – 1999


Maintained in operating condition

American Crane No. 1887 at Douglas Aircraft facility in Torrance, California, about 1975. Note the small U.S. Navy switch engine in the background... now also preserved here at Travel Town (Tour Stop "C")

Locomotive crane No. 1887 was built for the United States Navy in 1943 as part of America’s wartime production efforts.  The unit is powered by a single General Motors 6-71 Diesel engine, which is directly linked to all the machinery that raises and lowers the boom, turns the crane house, hoists the hook, and drives the crane along on the railroad track.  Little is known about the Crane’s use or location during the War.  Eventually the Crane ended up at the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant in Torrance, California.  The Torrance facility, including the crane and other railroad equipment on-site, was transferred to the Douglas Aircraft Corporation to support their airplane manufacturing operations based in Long Beach.  Douglas’ successor company, The Boeing Corporation, eventually closed the Torrance facility and donated the Crane to Travel Town in 1999.  The Crane is maintained in operating condition here at the Museum!

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More Interesting Information:

If you study the photo shown at the top of this article, you will see the small, gray, EMD Model 40 switching locomotive parked in the background at the Torrance facility.  Also of U.S. Navy and World War II origin, the historic Model 40 locomotive is also preserved and operational at Travel Town!