Southern Pacific 3025

Southern Pacific Lines

Steam-Powered Locomotive

Built by:

American Locomotive Co.,

Schenectady Works – 1904

Wheel Arrangement:

4-4-2 “Atlantic”


115 Tons

Donated by:

Southern Pacific – 1952


Once the pride of Southern Pacific Lines, this high-speed passenger locomotive, with its 81" tall driving wheels, could reach speeds up to 100-miles-per-hour!

Certainly state-of-the-art when she was built in 1904, locomotive 3025 sped along the Southern Pacific’s California “Coast” and “Valley” lines for nearly 50 years.   In the 1940s, she might be found pulling trains over the Sunset and Golden State Routes in southern Arizona and New Mexico as well.   During the 1920s, No. 3025 and six of her sisters were rebuilt with the addition of a “booster engine” – an unusual extra-power feature that is mounted on the axle of the trailing truck, directly beneath the cab.

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More Interesting Information:

October 10, 1952 - Southern Pacific 3025 was the very first locomotive delivered to Griffith Park for the new Travel Town Museum! Trucking and unloading was donated by the Belyea Trucking o.

In addition to pulling special trains for Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the 3025 also served as a ‘stationary boiler’ to supply electrical power for a spectacular light show at San Francisco’s  Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915.

"I have tonight seen the greatest revelation of beauty that was ever seen on the earth," exclaimed Edwin Markham, the poet, one February evening in 1915.
S.P. 3025 may be see on the peninsula at the far left in this photo of the 'yacht harbor' adjacent to the Fair. California State Library photo.